Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Saturday links for your reading pleasure...

Having a 'Doesn't Count' List - This guy's blog is what I'd like mine to be - real, honest, thought-provoking. I loved this post!

Friends & Foodies Forever - My friend Des and a few of her culinary buddies have a great recipe blog - check it out!

Awkward Family Photos - Okay, I admit this is for sometime when you have nothing else you should be doing, but clicking around on this blog will give you an LOL or two.

I Heart Faces - This site features a weekly themed photo contest where you submit your best face photo and the entries and winners are all posted. This week's theme was bubbles!

Yahoo or Boo Hoo? - I was a Yahoo for sure!

Spectacular Sins - You can download (free) John Piper's book here - a must-read for everyone who wonders why there is evil in the world.

Dear Drugs - Do you remember Ann Kiemel? "Hi. I'm Ann." Now widowed and a recovering addict, this is her blog.

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