Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I don't normally provide free advertising here

So many of the ads I see on tv are really awful (from my non-marketing, uneducated perspective). I just don't see how most of them motivate anyone to buy the products they're trying to advertise.

Do they really think showing bits of toilet paper stuck to a cartoon bear's behind will make us rush to buy Charmin?  Is this a problem I'm just unaware of?

And most of the auto ads leave me cold. Those loony car dealers shouting at us to buy at their dealerships make me want to go anywhere else.  Not that I'm going anywhere at all to buy a new car.

But this ad campaign for Toyota mini-vans I like. Have you seen the Swagger Wagon commercial?

I'm not going out to buy a Sienna (just finished the mini-van era) but at least it's entertaining to watch!

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