Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spotted on the www

Casey Abrams on AI auditions...
Keep watching to the end!

You won't believe this but I actually used to play the instrument that guy has.  Oh yes I did.  It was a Hohner Melodica.  Here is a picture of the exact melodica I owned next to the exact same box it came in:

I might not have sounded like Casey. 
But I spent many hours trying to play this now obsolete instrument.  In fact, this very melodica is listed on the web as a collectible - 'antique vintage' to be exact.
I didn't keep mine.

Then there is this blast from the past...
Who remembers the Bee Gees before their disco days?  I do.
I wore out this 45 record.

There's so much I should say about this video...
The hair.  The teeth.  The hand motions. 
This could start me down many musical rabbit trails...
but there's not time for that kind of nonsense!

Okay, maybe one rabbit trail:

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