Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Past

What Christmas music did you listen to when you were growing up?

For me, it was Julie Andrews.  Yes, that Julie Andrews.  The Sound of Music Julie Andrews.  Mary Poppins Julie Andrews.


My parents belonged to a record club and we got the whole "Firestone Presents" series.

Remember record clubs?  Remember Green Stamps?  Remember the Alamo?

I put a stack of those albums (because in those days you could stack your albums) on the stereo console and danced around the living room to the lights of the Christmas tree.  (BTW, those were the days when you screwed your Christmas light bulb sockets onto an extension cord.  This was such a dangerous practice that I couldn't even find a picture of one to show you on Google images.)  We also had Mitch Miller, Vic Damone and Andy Williams Christmas albums.

So... because I was listening to Julie Andrews Christmas songs on my iPod today, it got me to thinking about Christmas past.  And I thought of these:

I love how she describes the "wholesome blending of whole food flavors."  Wonder why they dropped that as a jingle for Coke?

And who can forget the Norelco ads with Santa riding down the slopes on a shaver?

I always wanted these but never got them...

This cheery ad features ET and a really cool new gaming system...

Speaking of technology...

I'd better stop before I get carried away into Christmas past.

Okay, one more.  Everybody sing!

See what happens when you play Julie Andrews Christmas songs? 

Merry Christmas!!



Renee said...

i've been reading all your posts and love them (of course!) but now i've gotta go and youtube some Julie Andrews Christmas songs :) Merry Christmas!

BeckyB said...

I miss your blog posts!
Becky xoxo

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