Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello? Are you there?

Sometimes it’s easy to blog. Ideas pop into my head, three or four per day. They don’t all make it to the publish-worthy stage but there they are, full of hope and potential.
Other times… I wonder whoever told me I should have a blog anyway?  I have quite possibly THE most lame blog in cyberspace. Who do I think I am? Have A Cup With Me – really?
Guess which time I’m in.
Right now I feel a bit like those bulbs pictured up there – sheepishly poking my head out after a long time under ground. 
So to both of you reading this, I’ve been taking some time to address my insecurities, get some inspiration and figure out what, if anything, I should be serving up here at ‘Have A Cup’. 
If you want to leave a comment – just so I know you’re there – please do!  And thanks for sticking with me!


Nancy Espinoza said...

I am always here and checking with anticipation for new musings from you. I may not comment often, but I do read every posting! Maybe when we get together next week end we can brainstorm ideas. You often make me laugh with the truth of your many times we are thinking the same thing about ourselves. Looking forward to the 18th! Nancy

Chris said...

I'm stickin' with you!! and I LOVE your blog! always love you thoughts and puts a smile on my face :)


Marni Gunn said...

I always love to read your little thoughts, site recommendations and encouraging words. I truly miss getting together with you on a regular basis and this helps me to feel a sense of keeping in touch :)

BeckyB said...

Thanks dear friends!
Nancy - you are a true blog follower! I loved getting together a couple of weeks ago - let's not wait too long next time!
Chris - thanks for popping in here! You are very sweet to read this silliness.
Marni - Can't tell you how I miss you too. I've just started a similar group of young women up here and I think of you all the time!

Love you girls!!

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