Friday, February 24, 2012

My answer to writer’s block

Links primrose

Here’s a guy who’s found a way to enjoy his job.

And speaking of loving your job…
Sidewalk Billboards
(a re-post from Feb 2010 but I’m sure I saw this very same lady today)

How To Talk To Your Husband About P*rn
Such an important series.  Can’t tell you how many marriages I know who this has affected/destroyed.

Songs for Saplings
I had coffee this week with the young woman who makes these amazing cd’s created to help kids have Scripture and God’s truth in their hearts.  She’s donating cd’s to our orphanages in Ethiopia and to some of the families who are adopting through Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia.  I’m really blown away by how gifted people are using their talents in the kingdom.  And by how God links people together.  I met her at a super bowl party.

Tasty Kitchen
Have you discovered this awesome recipe site? 
The photos are the grabber.
Thanks again, PW!

Food Gawker
One of the most photo-rich recipe sites I’ve found.


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