Saturday, March 3, 2012

Home Again

I don't have to talk to myself out loud any more.
I'm back to three meals a day. (Don't worry.  I managed not to starve.)
No more 'D*wnton Abbey' marathons.
Jeff's home after more than 3 weeks in Ethiopia - Woop Woop!
It was an amazing trip.  He took over 5000 photos and lots of video.
One of the many places they met people and took photos was the leper colony at the dump in Addis Ababa.  I’ll share just a few of Jeff's photos from their time in Korah.


People welcomed them into their homes…


Jeff helped this man cut the twine he was using to make the mats he sells.  The man has no fingers left after leprosy has ravaged his body.


Then there are these sweet faces…





Now my house smells like Ethiopian coffee and at 6:30 pm I’m yawning in sympathy of his jet lag. 

Night night!

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Nancy Espinoza said...

Oh my! We just live each day in our own little worlds! Thank You for reminding me that there is a whole other world that needs prayer and support. I know it....but from day to day, it is easier to forget than remember. The smiles at the end of this post are priceless!

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