Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend browsing

No theme here – no rhyme or reason.  Just some links to share for the weekend before the 4th…

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Painted American Flag
@320 Sycamore
This is do-able!

This Ain’t Your Parents’ Dating Scene
Don’t miss Ian and Larissa’s story.

Letter from a Mother to a Daughter
@Positively Positive
Oh, the difficult relational change that happens with aging. 
So good to hear this perspective.

How to see your body through your daughter’s eyes
@Tales from a Gypsy Mama
From the other end of life – loved this.

What it’s like to be an introverted woman in church circles
@Chatting at the Sky
So interesting.  This is something I’ve thought about but never read anything about before now.  I wonder how many women this applies to?

How to live your best life
@A Holy Experience
This struck extremely close to home for me.  I love Ann’s words:
”Relationships grow only in the soil of humility, selflessness, open-handedness.  Relationships are inherently risky: for all that, you can’t control the outcome.”

Why Feeling Beautiful Matters
@We Are THAT Family
Read all of Kristen's posts about the Mercy House - a home for unwed mothers her family started and supports in Kenya.  You will LOVE this story!

Grocery Store Pharisee
@Stuff Christians Like


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