Saturday, August 25, 2012

Links I Liked


A Hopeful Heart
”Sometimes it feels good to say no just so that you can say yes to something else.”

Would You Move Here?
”We all have our particular tastes and unique preferences, but when it comes down to it, most of our homes are pretty similar. Whether it's an apartment or a house, it probably has four walls and a sturdy foundation. But if that sort of conventionality bores you, there are plenty of other options…”

How To Really Live
@A Holy Experience
”There are a thousand ways to be lukewarm and there’s a reason I know that. I’ve been apathetic about grace  and casual about Christ and you can lose your First Love faster than you can lose the 100 meter dash.”

Posts I Don’t Want To Write
@The Delighted Life
”There seem to be more people who are calling for a ‘balanced’ perspective on the issues than those who are willing to stand by the radical and sometimes uncomfortable Word of God.”
I Kissed My Date Goodnight
”The question always on my mind
Where is my dear soul mate?
Why did that pilot that I liked

Not want a second date?
The lawyer who once took me out
Successful, kind was he
No sparks, no click, nothing concrete
Wonder, what’s wrong with me?
That time I met the cutest guy
His eyes blue as the sea
Only to learn he would assist
My colonoscopy.”

The Pinterest Effect
@Ha Has for Hoo Has
No matter how many pins you’ve seen, you remain in awe that you now hold the key to so much life change and possess such a wealth of knowledge. You feel inspired to purchase & create…and so does everyone else.  This mutual inspiration has caused a ripple effect in the economy that is changing lives for the better…
…AND for the worse (cue daunting music).


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