Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's go to the movies!

I know it feels like whiplash when I switch from recipes to Old Testament miracles to yurts.  Some bloggers like to have a purpose - you know, identifying something they're good at or knowledgeable about then writing about it in a way that's interesting or instructive.  I say "BORING!"  I like to keep you wondering 'What kind of a blog is this, anyway?"  (No one knows.)  

So... I found some videos!  Some of them are funny.  Some are helpful. Some just odd.  You can decide which is which!

This would have been more apropos in June but I have actually been doing this for a couple of summers now and it's a must do if you like iced coffee!

I honestly have no idea why someone did this but I found I kept watching for something really cool to happen.  It didn't.

Poonitra.  This is an old one that still makes me smile.
Because I am so done with commercials for prescription drugs.

Her children are going to have a tough time taking her keys one day.
Actually she'll be the one taking the keys from them because her kids are probably getting into their 80's!

Get a tissue.  Oh my.

Tune in next week when I just might delve into how to install a zipper followed by my thoughts on the NFL referee lockout.  


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