Thursday, October 18, 2012


Help me! 
I’ve been pinning pumpkin and other cinnamon-y recipes like mad.

Also called Snickersnaps.  Mmmmmm.   These are a new cookie cross-breed, much like the designer dogs that are so popular.  

pumpkin cinnamon pull apart bread with maple glaze
Pumpkin cinnamon pull apart bread with maple glaze.
Anything with maple glaze is good but with bread and cinnamon?  Makes your mouth water.

pumpkin coffee cake

pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon syrup
Pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon syrup.
Well-done food photography is awesome.  Look at that steam!

upside down apple pie
Upside down apple pie
No pie crust to make.

I have enjoyed these and many many other sweet and carb-loaded treats… without taking a bite!  I haven’t made one of these delicious-looking recipes but I’ve had fun pinning them!  My Pinterest boards for Fall Recipes and for Sweets are an embarrassing collection of sugar and flour-laden delights.  Boy am I ever thankful that this is a zero-calorie pastime. 

Instead, I am trying a whole bunch of new soup recipes this fall.  Last night I made this one:

black bean chili
Weeknight Black Bean Chili
Super easy and it was really good!

Also on my list:

autumn veg soup
Autumn Vegetable Soup
from Recipe Girl

caprese soup
Caprese Soup
So fresh and yummy looking!

veg quinoa soup
Vegetable Quinoa Soup
Another way to use kwi-no-uh (as I say with a smirk)!

I think Pinterest can be a big time vacuum but I have to say, I’ve especially loved the recipes I’ve found and the easy way I can save them and other good ideas for all kinds of stuff. 

Do you pin?  Have you spent more or less money as a result?  Have you gained or lost weight?  Have your husband or kids had to drag you away from the computer because you got lost in Pinterland?


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