Monday, December 17, 2012

Links I Liked

Excellent post on what’s happening in our culture.

I can’t even imagine. 

And on some lighter notes…

I’ve loved doing most all of my Christmas shopping on the internet.  Loved it.  Because so many stores are so desperate for our business, there are some good deals to be had and free shipping to boot.  Because…

@Psychology Today
I like to think I’m not gullible... but.

You know about the secret VIP club in Disneyl*nd that resides behind the dull green door in New Orleans Square? 
Well apparently St*rbucks also has a few secrets!


I liked Shaun’s take on this season in a man’s life –
especially his final paragraph to wives.

And finally, if you need a laugh, meet Jim Gaffigan
talking about having a large family.  You will laugh out loud.


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