Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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We have been deep into interior painting around here (well, Jeff has) and all that entails... moving furniture, finding things you forgot you lost, cleaning baseboards and trim that is beyond dusty, washing walls and windows, taping, tarping and ladder set-up.  But it is so worth the work to have a fresh, clean bedroom and bath with a soothing color instead of marked-up pale yellow walls with decades of nail holes.  I can't bear to put up the same old stuff on the walls in my new room so I'm 'shopping the house' (an idea I got from The Nester)  for fresh (and free) inspiration.  Next up:  staining our 1980's oak bedroom furniture.  Not looking forward to that process - just the result!

But I've managed to find some time to browse the internet too!...

Everyone Has A Story
@Antique Mommy
Recognition of celebrity or beauty out of context may have been the intended story, but I thought the real story was about how everyone you pass has a story — a tragic beautiful amazing heroic unique thrilling and wonderful story, co-written with a mighty creator.

Because I’m at that time in life when I have an elderly parent, this is an issue we think and talk about.  My dad liked this article.  Thanks for sharing it, Nancy!
How Doctors Die
@The Health Care Blog
It’s not a frequent topic of discussion, but doctors die, too. And they don’t die like the rest of us… they go gently.

The Day I Went to a Brothel
@Debra Parker Blog
this place with all it's disgust is a finely crafted plan by our enemy to enslave, to blind, to hurt, and destroy a people created by God. the enemy craves these for his own… when I’m only about me I forget about them.

Are you a Downton fan?

If you are, you’ll appreciate these three highlight reviews, written by two very witty women:

Oh, Downton Abbey, You’ve Been Missed
Downton Abbey:Episode 5
@The Pioneer Woman

Downton Abbey Thoughts

 And just because…

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