Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Like These

I know I always appreciate when someone recommends something that’s either worked for them, helped in some way or simply brought them some joy.  Today, I’m sharing a few things you might like too.  No one is paying me for these endorsements.  No one has offered.

If you like to soak in a hot bath, I can highly recommend this fairly economical bath salt.  One of my favorite not-so-guilty pleasures is to read a book while lying in a tub of very hot scented bathwater.  I like the eucalyptus scent of this soak (but it also comes in lavender and rosemary), which I found at Tarjay.

This was an extravagant Christmas gift I received this year – the Mia really does leave your skin feeling incredibly soft.  I’ve just started using it regularly so I can’t yet attest to its promise of minimizing the appearance of pores.  I will say that I’ve had a major breakout after using it – apparently that’s normal because it is bringing all kinds of impurities to the skin’s surface that previously lived happily underground.  Obviously my impurities are very angry about being unearthed.  I’ve also heard that there are much less expensive counterparts to the Clarisonic that work well too – Olay makes one.

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If you know me at all, you know I am a skeptic.  I am not easily bamboozled into buying the latest, greatest cure for anything.  But I will tell you that Zicam has helped to avert every cold I’ve started to get in the last year or two!  I get a horrible cold every year at least twice (here's proof from 2010) so this has changed my life!  How does it work?  Here’s what I found about its main ingredient, zinc:

Ionic zinc is proposed to interfere with the binding of rhinovirus to its cellular receptor, ICAM-1.

I love it when my rhinovirus can’t bind to my ICAM-1.

I think this list is so good: 

I was going to share a few of the ones that I am guilty of doing but as I look the list over, I’m sad to admit there aren’t just a couple. 

That leads me to this list:

I made this recipe the other night - delicious!  I tend to overcook pork chops (usually extremely, unappetizingly dry) and I would say this cooking method does help with moistness, though I would reduce the cooking time to about 35 minutes for thick cuts.


And that is what I like right now!

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