Sunday, March 17, 2013

All for you


I have lots to share with you today. There is SO much good stuff on the WWW, isn’t there? It’s easy to get frustrated with the junk but I am always so happy to stumble on something good!

First off, a couple of cool websites…

What Should I Read Next?
You type in the title or author of a book you’ve enjoyed and up pops a bunch of suggestions for books you might like! 
Who doesn’t need book suggestions?

I got very excited to discover this one!  It’s for people (like me) who have a fascination with fonts. 

(If you don’t happen to, please skip ahead because I know you're thinking 'Who cares what font you use?' Listen, believe it or not, I've heard there are people who actually spend hours searching for and uploading fonts on sites like and after reading great posts like this one about how to install fonts on their computer.) 

On Wordmark, you can install a free program via Chrome that will load all the fonts you have installed on your computer.  Then you type in a word or phrase and it displays how that word will look in every font you have!  Isn't that the coolest?  I used my name to show you a screenshot:


Good reading:

when the days are long and the minutes are longer
@Chatting At The Sky
Emily writes so beautifully – as one of her commenters said, “You could write about the color of poo and I’d read it.”  Some days are just plain hard.

i want to be awesome at humility
@the tiny twig
”If I’m honest with you, keeping home has never been a strong suit of mine. Heck, I’ve never been accused of keeping anything well. It pains me to admit that and I’ve fought years against the grain, but it’s probably time to just tell you that I’m more a home maker than a house keeper.”

Imperfectionism – why the cult of Jennifer Lawrence matters
@The Washington Post
”Imperfectionism is something of a cult these days.  I noticed this when I was in my pajamas, perched atop the washing machine in my apartment building’s laundry room, waving my laptop vaguely in the direction of the only unlocked WiFi signal, and instead of being mortified, I was overcome by the urge to tweet about it.”

Forgotten How To Blush
@to Love, Honor & Vacuum
”I think guilt has received a bum rap. We seem to believe that it’s the worst of all emotions and must be avoided at all costs. Personally, though, I like the fact that people feel badly if they do bad things.”

World’s Okayest Mom
”Some days I’m an awesome mother–I mean knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark–kind of awesome. But that’s not the norm. I have really bad days where I hide in the bathroom and change all the clocks so everyone goes to bed an hour early. Just kidding, but I’ve seriously considered it.”

And some pictures to look at:

I know this next video is something like you'd get in an email forward (I did) but it's oddly mesmerizing.  Makes me want to listen to classical music more often but also thank the One who designed each of these!

And here's one that reminds me of Disney's California Adventure... with the addition of people waving and shouting at you and some talking that I can't understand which is either Elvish or leprechaun.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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