Thursday, April 18, 2013

But honestly

I appreciate bloggers who keep it real.  Any time you put your thoughts/photos/experience out on the www for the whole world to see, it’s tempting to try to appear like you have it together/are super creative/make fabulous meals/do hilarious things.  I’m sure that I’m guilty because let’s be honest… who doesn’t want people to like them?

But it’s past due for us (and I’m really referring to the Church in general and myself in specific) to quit pretending we don’t struggle.  I heard a wonderful message last night by a woman who is dealing with her strong, active husband’s diagnosis of ALS (read her blog here).  Where did we ever get the idea that following Christ means happiness, success and health?  Real life in Christ is about God meeting us in the pain and the struggle – and showing us His presence, His enabling, His peace in the midst.  It’s about how He can use the hard things to bring something beautiful only He could come up with.

Today I’m sharing some posts that keep it real…

Cones & Holes
”This is for anyone who struggles with the tension between law and grace. I sure do.”

Keeping it real in Marriage...
Done: For days when marriage feels impossibly hard
”A string of days and weeks that lead into months have brought us here. Knotted in an endless loop of too many dishes undone, promises broken, words flung from mouths in fits of anger, and too few graces. His eyes speak hurt and mine mirror, flashing with warring emotions of wounded and I-don’t-even-care.”

Keeping it real in Parenting...
"God loves my kids. (and your kids.)  He isn't going to leave me alone is raising them.  He doesn't get mad when i fail.  He doesn't laugh at me when i make mistakes."

You’re Not A Prop
@bring the rain
”I think social media has changed the face of parenting. If we call it anything other than a game-changer, we’re lying to ourselves.”

And on a lighter note:

17 Pinterest Fails
”You know that feeling you get when you've successfully completed a Pinterest project? Yeah, me neither.”
(Is that not the BEST photo ever?)

These have been prominent on Facebook and everyone's blogs too but they also reveal what we really know about ourselves if we are honest:

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