Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lotsa Links

Happy May Day!  I hope you either receive a bouquet as a gift or buy/cut one for yourself.  Either way, be sure to celebrate May with flowers!

lotsa links

This is certainly a wild assortment of topics, issues and fun stuff too…

How to make sure you SEE all the Facebook Pages you like
Have you wondered what has happened to all the pages/blogs/brands you have “LIKED” on Facebook – but are no longer seeing them in your feed stream?

9 Reasons You Can Face Anything
The natural, fallen response to hearing we aren’t the ones in control is to white-knuckle our will and refuse to bow. Humans tend to like the idea that we are the captains of our own destinies.

The Socially Acceptable Sin
Most Christians today like to say that all sins are “equal” in the eyes of God, that there is no scale of less or worse sins, that a white lie or a homicide alike would have been enough to require Christ to die on the cross. We say this in theory, but in practice, we know that a white lie won’t get you kicked off the church leadership team. And a homicide likely will… There’s one sin in particular that has pervaded our society and churches so silently we hardly give it a second thought.

Let the Game Changer Change the Game
Okay, friends, today I’m really getting bare here and showing you the beginnings of a pretty intense process. I’m doing it because I feel like some of you may need to join me in it, so here goes …

On School Shooters
My junior year in high school, I was caught with a loaded, stolen handgun on school property at my school in East Tennessee.

10 Famous Tree Tunnels
A tree tunnel is a road, lane or track where the trees on each side form a more or less continuous canopy overhead, giving the effect of a tunnel. The effect may be achieved in a formal avenue lined with trees or in a more rural setting with randomly placed trees on each side of the route.

10 Tips For Taking Better Photos With Your Smartphone
There’s a large contingent of photo enthusiasts online who will dismiss a photo straight away if they find out it was taken with a smartphone.  We think everyone should have a dedicated camera, but a good photo is a good photo, regardless of the gear used to take it… Here are some things to keep in mind when firing up the photo app on your iPhone, Droid, Lumia or whatever.

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