Friday, July 26, 2013

Links I Liked


Kate Applauded For Not Hiding New Mommy Tummy
"I liked that she didn't look perfect."  
I thought she did!

A Letter to Kate
@A Holy Experience
I’m not sure if anyone ever mentioned it, but there’s this wild law of the universe: a mother’s labor and delivery never ends, and you never stop having to remember to breathe.

And also on Ann’s blog…

What to Do When You May or May Not Be a Control Freak
by Mark Buchanan
These two things – control and self-control – stand at opposite ends of the maturity spectrum.

Premarital Counseling – Now Available at Home Depot
@Antique Mommy
Before we were even married, we embarked upon a home improvement project together and in the process, we discovered everything we needed to know about surviving and sustaining a marriage partnership:  Never do home improvement projects together.
This is Jeff and I.

And here's a look into the wonderful work of a 97 year old man who uses Microsoft Paint on his Windows 95 computer to create some pretty amazing works of art...

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