Saturday, September 7, 2013

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One Second on the Internet
10 years ago Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox, and Instagram didn't exist.  20 years ago there were only 130 websites total, Google wasn't even around yet, and you had to pay for an email account through an ISP.  30 years ago there was no internet.
A fascinating (and possibly a little frightening) look at what we’re all doing in cyberspace.  Every second!

Dealing With Doubters and the Quest for Proof
Regardless of how people respond to the reality of Jesus Christ, continue to sow seed, spread truth, and field questions. Journey with the searcher and (respectfully) spar with the skeptic. Don't feel bad if not every one accepts your message.

What Three Years of Chasing a God-Sized Dream Has Taught Me
I know that I link to Kristen’s blog often but it’s because she somehow manages to write straight from her heart and her emotions are so completely relatable.  I loved this post because it inspires me not to be afraid of what God asks me to do.  Kristen and her husband followed God’s lead and began a ministry to pregnant girls in Kenya.  They weren’t missionaries.  They didn’t have financial backers.  But they had God making the way to do what He called them to do.  Kristen writes:

I don’t know what your God-sized dream looks like. I don’t know if it’s in your rearview mirror or if it looms large and scary ahead. But don’t doubt for a minute, He has one for you.

Don’t be afraid to chase it.

Here are two videos to end with.  I have an idea why these musical flashmob videos are so mesmerizing for me to watch...  I like to see the masses of people milling through a mall transform into smiling individuals sharing a wonderful experience!

This is an oldie but one of my favorites. Grab a tissue:

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