Saturday, September 28, 2013

Links I Liked

I Didn’t Love My Wife When We Got Married
Love is constantly sold as an emotion we have before we’re married.  An emotion that, once had, somehow magically stays within a marriage forever. I can’t imagine a bigger lie.

7 Habits of a Hot Marriage in the Midst of Monotony
Marriage is hard hard hard work. We never arrive and kick up our feet and ride the waves of hot monogamy. It takes faithful, committed, selfless habit-forming work in the middle of a boring routine.

The Real Love Stories
There are men who wear old Wranglers and drive rusting mini-vans to pick up the kids after piano lessons.  And pick up broccoli because it's on sale this week.

My Grocery List
@320 Sycamore
I thought this was genius!  Somehow I still don’t do a great job of making lists on my phone so this makes sense to me. 
Call me low-tech with a high-tech twist!

The Sweet Spot
I get it now. They were right. Everyone who said it would go by so fast. It's happening to me. It's whizzing by. When my three kids were very little, the days were so long and my world felt very small and sometimes very lonely. If the days were long, the nights were longer. The hour before my husband got home from work? It took three days to get through that hour.

If you haven't watched this yet, you must!

And in homage to National Coffee Day tomorrow, enjoy these amazing latte creations…

latte-coffee-art-kazuki-yamamoto-george_10g-twitter-12  latte-coffee-art-kazuki-yamamoto-george_10g-twitter-2


Karyn Schmidt said...

Becky, I love when you share interesting links. Love it. I had to share the video with others...moved me to tears. Thank you!

BeckyB said...

Thanks Karyn. Happy you liked some of the same things I did!!

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