Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Selfless love

This video, A Father's Sacrifice, is about the Vander Woude family and a father who gave his life to save his son.  Most fathers would do the same, I know.  But apparently this man lived his entire life with that same kind of selflessness and of course it had a big impact on his children.  

One of his seven sons says of his dad, "His legacy is selfless love." 

The impact this man had on his boys showed up last year when one of these young men, a priest, was counseling a couple who found out their in utero baby had Down Syndrome and planned an abortion.  He took it upon himself to find a family to adopt the baby before the scheduled abortion the next day.  You can read the story here.

I want to remember there are many people living out the two commandments Christ gave us - loving God and loving others as ourselves.  In a world that seems to be full of self-serving attitudes (mine foremost), I needed this reminder today of what every day is all about.

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