Thursday, December 4, 2014

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Hello December!  It’s cold and wet here in the NW.  The month is filling up with lots of things to look forward to… a jubilee weekend with my BFFs, Women of Faith, The Nutcracker, a Gospel Christmas concert, staff Christmas party, serving at the Union Gospel Mission, family birthdays and having everybody home for Christmas.

The key is to start every single day with my eyes and heart focused on Emmanuel, isn't it?  I want my challenges and short-comings and overwhelmed feelings to drive me straight into His peace.  He is more than my need!

An Inside Look at Amazon’s Massive Fulfillment Centers
I love Amazon.  But just looking at this kind of makes me sick when I think about how much STUFF we Americans buy.  Someone invented robots to find our STUFF in the Amazon warehouse so the Amazon workers can box up our STUFF more efficiently because the amount of STUFF we order this season requires 80,000 employees and 15,000 of these robots to just to process.
(Want a different way to give and make a huge impact in someone's life?  Check out our YWAM Gift Catalog! It's a pretty awesome way to change up your Christmas giving.)

Don’t Make Me Take Away the Nativity and Other Things Moms Say in December
I love Kristen.  She just keeps keeping it real.

When Things Aren’t So Merry and Bright
Merry Christmas turns to Weary Christmas as it kicks your “merry and bright,” cheery goodwill right off the front porch.

Memorize the Mind of God
Scripture memory, at its best, is about feeding your soul today and mapping your life and mind onto the very life and mind of God.
When I read this it added to what I am already hearing from God over and over, in lots of different ways, about how I need to make this a priority.  Beth is starting her scripture memory project again in 2015… care to join me in joining her?

The Heavy
Being a mom, to me, feels like this stripping down to my truest self. It exposes my nakedness, my selfishness, my neediness. It shows my incompetence. It highlights my lack of skill. Motherhood is showing me the outer limits of myself: my great capacity to care and to love. It reveals my quick temper and lack of control over my tongue. It shows me fierce and protective.

This is my friend Natalie’s story.  She’s living in India as a full-time foster mom.  She’s 23. 
I am so proud to know her...

Beauty for Ashes
I pray that I will never stop looking at my children and being broken for them. Because without brokenness there can never be any redemption. And one day, my kids will be redeemed. On this side of heaven or not, they will be whole. Their past will be wiped clean. And their tears will be no more.

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