Monday, September 14, 2015

Yawda meeter

Have y’all met Sister Pooh?


I first was introduced via Facebook and now we’re friends for reals. 

She’s a school counselor who lives in Georgia and has become somewhat of a sensation on the internet because of the videos she posts – usually filmed in her car but sometimes at the Jiffy Lube – about a whole variety of life’s important topics. 

I’ll show you the first video I watched in a minute but first I want to share a few of her ‘word of the day’ nuggets that are southern grammar at its finest.  She’s been choosing a word each day that’s commonly used in the South and explaining its proper usage and meaning.  I’m learning so much! Most times the word is a way to condense a phrase that just takes too long to say but sometimes a syllable is added to give the word some emphasis.  You'll see what I mean...

yeen: you haven’t even
As in – How do you know you don’t like it when yeen tasted it yet?

eeem: even
As in – He cleaned his plate sa good I dint eem hafta wash it.

annem: and all of them
As in – I was wit my cousin annem.

waymint: wait a minute
As in – Hey now you just waymint.

yawda: you ought to
As in – Well, yawda go to school.

tryna: trying to
As in – He’s just tryna get outa here.

imma: I am going to
As in – Imma spell this for you.

finnuh: fixing to, setting myself into motion immediately to
As in – I’m finnuh put you in time out.

Here is the first time I saw Sister Pooh.  Once you meet her you’ll find yourself checking back to her Facebook page so get more down-home Southern wisdom and insight.

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Liane Wolbert said...

I am on the floor with the words!

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