Thursday, June 4, 2009

Totally Random

One thing I'm learning about blogging - it's really good to have something to say that all of your two readers might be interested in reading. But what about those days/weeks/months when everything you think of writing is about as interesting as vacuuming?

So... today you're going to read about what I've been doing, reading and pondering. Click on over to another website now if you're not up to the challenge!

I have one more week of this empty nest (how long do you call it that before it just becomes "the home of two people whose kids come home from college a lot on weekends?"). I will miss not really thinking about what to make for dinner (as I'm married to the most easy-going guy in the world in that department), having a bathroom all to myself and lots of time with that easy-going guy I love. I look forward to live-in girlfriends, long talks and the activity that comes along with having the girls in the house.

I'm starting 'The Patriarchs' bible study but have to do it without the dvds so I know I'm missing a lot. I finished 'Esther' last month and absolutely loved it. I would never want to call myself a Beth Moore groupie but I'm afraid I'm pretty close to being one. She did sit very close to me at a small gathering not long ago:

I am in one of the most wonderful times of my life right now. God has moved us from the desert back to the Northwest, clearly leading us to go without knowing where we'll work or what we'll do. In this economy and with the current unemployment rate, only God's blessing could account for the peace we feel. It's been a time of refreshing and renewing and both of us feel that God is up to something big - we're just not sure what it is! Last night at church we heard a message out of Deuteronomy about preparing for God to move us into something out of our comfort zone. While that could scare me to death - and has in the past - I know that His purposes are good and they're always for my best.

I am having lots of fun in the garden. We're living in the house I grew up in and I'm rediscovering all the things my mom planted in the yard that were designed to bloom at varying times of the spring and summer. Right now we have red poppies, pink peonies (I love peonies but how come no one ever told me you need to stake them? - mine are on the ground), roses and dahlias. I forgot about slugs. Slugs are a disgusting fact of life here and will eat everything you plant if you're not vigilant. I'm going to ask God - why slugs?

I'm reading mysteries at night. I always like to read something mindless at night before bed. I rarely find a really well-written mystery (any suggestions out there?). I'm getting ready to re-read the Mitford series, which is among my very favorite fiction and something I re-read every few years - it's that good.

I'm on the hunt for comfortable sandals for summer. Boy there are some cute and cruel sandals out there.

We just last month completed our first Ethiopian adoption with the Adoption Ministry I'm working for. I can't think of too many things I've had the privilege to be involved in that have brought more joy and satisfaction than this:

Okay, I will now end this post with a link to one I read today that I thought was a hoot and took me back to the time (just the other day, wasn't it?) when my own little ones were not fun to take to the grocery store: Going Krogering
If I can't write something clever, funny or interesting, the least I can do is refer you to someone who can. You're welcome.

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I did Wising Up, Beth's study on Proverbs, and it was made into the DVD series. I was VERY pregnant for the whole thing (except for the last one, when i was very newly unpregnant.) I am starting the study at a church on Monday and I am excited 1) to see it, I loved the study and 2) to see if I made the DVDs!!

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