Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Sharin'

I can't tell you how I loved this post!  And related to it.

How cute are these??

Scroll down to see a really cool idea for your windows! 
I like the painted cabinets too.

I knew you needed another way to spend yet
more time on the internet!

I don't have any need for these but I wish I did! 
Who sees a coffee table and thinks
"I could cut that in half and make benches!"??

(Shameless plug for the 'other blog')
You won't believe what God is doing in Ethiopia. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Artwork on my digital refrigerator

(I'm laughing out loud at my own desperate attempt at titling this post!  Somebody help me.)

I've been cleaning out files on my HP desktop and this afternoon I stumbled on these images created on the computer by my middle daughter when she was in elementary school - maybe about 5th grade?  They made me smile then and they make me smile now! 

Self Portrait
Never without a piece of gum in her mouth. 

An "I wish..." vacation postcard.

Another "I wish..." (We lived in Palm Springs.)

Drawn by the girl who put baby powder on her eyelids when her mean mother wouldn't let her wear eye shadow. 
I'm not sure why all the cover-up... did she see me use that much?  More likely, she was concerned about her freckles. 

This could have been a camera snapshot in our backyard - trampoline, lemon tree and all! 
I'm telling her to switch her major in college right now!

And perhaps my favorite of all...
a girl after my own heart!

I love you Lisa!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This and that...

We had a couple of visitors at our house this weekend for a sleepover...

So that meant this:

Which resulted in that:

There was a LOT of this:

And that...

Nieces are nice!
But now they're gone. We had such a FUN time!

Which leaves us to this...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I miss you, Mom

Four years ago, I lost my mom.

We were living in southern California when she died. We'd been living there for 16 years - a long way from 'home' and from Mom and Gramma. To this day, I have a vivid picture of the day we moved - of her standing in their driveway, waving and crying as we drove away in our rental truck with her only three grandchildren. My eyes sting just thinking about it.
Our family would come for vacation every summer and she and my dad came to visit us fairly often, until her health didn't allow her to make the trip. One year she even came for a week in the summer (she didn't do the desert heat very well) to stay with our dog while we went on a vacation to Colorado. She didn't leave the house to go out in the 110° heat except to let the dog out and grab the mail. She said she wore only her slip the whole week (she also didn't do shorts).
I'd fly up to visit fairly frequently but it's just not the same as dropping by for coffee or having her over to help me make a costume for the girls or sharing a bite from a new recipe. She and I both grieved over the distance but I think it was harder on her.
Today, I'm living in her house. Walking up and down her stairs. Cooking in her cramped kitchen. Clipping daffodils from her garden. These are some of her beauties...

A thousand times, in a thousand ways, I remember my mom.
I miss her sense of humor. I miss her eagerness to hear any news or story about my girls. I miss her cookies in the tin box - last cupboard, top shelf. I miss her hands. I miss sharing books with her. I miss long talks with her. I miss hearing about her shopping trips with her best friend Erna and how they tried on crazy clothes together, laughing until they had to run to the restroom. I miss her letters in her beautiful, distinctive cursive. I miss encouraging her. I miss being encouraged by her.
There is so much I want to tell her. So many times I reach for the phone to call her - still! And yet, when I remember that she is now set free from every physical pain and weakness, finally able to know the love God has for her, to have answers to so many questions she had about life and to live with Christ face to face - I couldn't want anything more wonderful for her. I rejoice for her.

But for me, it is hard.
I love you Mom.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Remember the 8-track?

It's not Christmas and I never had an 8-track player but THIS made me laugh...

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Monday!

Can you even believe how brilliant I am at coming up with those titles for my posts?? I know. But it does take me a whole week to come up with this kind of clever.

Had a great weekend! I drove up to Puyallup for a day at the office with my husband, who is going to Ethiopia in May. (Now there will only be one in our family who still needs to go!) On Saturday we had a great night of fellowship with many of the YWAM families who have adopted or are adopting children from Ethiopia at Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant in Seattle.

Lindsey and Lisa got to join us and see many of the kids they met when they were in Ethiopia. Notice that I am holding the basket of injera (the traditional Ethiopian flatbread). I am not a very adventurous eater so I do a lot of pretending in these situations.

Doro wat, shiro wat, tibs. All scooped up with a piece of the injera you've torn off. Did you notice the egg in the center? We ordered a pizza once in Ethiopia and there was an egg like this in the center. I'll have to research its significance.

Some of our families and their kids! Many wore the traditional Ethiopian dress they got while getting their children in Ethiopia.

The kids had so much fun! I think the little girl with the salt shaker was trying to eat the hard boiled egg but the little guy to her left got it first!

You can also click over to my other blog That We Might Be Adopted to see more pics and read a bit more about this great night.

I hope you don't mind me sharing some more of the stuff I'm enjoying in blog world...

How NOT to kill a bug @ We Are THAT Family
Hilarious video but this struck a little too close to real life in the desert

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Expecting greatness from our kids by teaching them to make a difference.
I wish I had done more of this.

I loved this look back at a time we need to recapture!

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