Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This sweet girl

Hadley 21 months
Almost-two is such a darling age.  Haddykins is cuddly, dramatic, funny and tender all at the same time.  Jeff captured her perfectly!

Soon it will be Gracie’s turn for her own collage.  And that’s a pretty good reason for a visit, don’t you think?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


strawberries haveacupwithme
These beauties are showing up all over here in Oregon… at roadside fruit-stands, in markets that carry local produce, in rural u-pick fields and (cue angelic singing) in our garden!  Ours are lumpy and funny-shaped but they are mmmmmm good. 

berries haveacupwithme
I don’t even bother to buy strawberries any other time of year, do you? – they are usually tasteless with hard, white centers.

Here are three tips for keeping your strawberries fresh:
  • wait to wash them until you’re ready to eat or use them – prevents mushy berries
  • keep the stems on until right before eating – they won’t spoil as quickly
  • get rid of any berries turning soft or moldly – the rest will quickly follow if snuggled up to these
My “Berries’ board on Pinterest is a source of a LOT of good recipe ideas…



Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler


Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Cake

Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam

Here’s one that doesn’t have a valid link any more but looks super-easy and delicious!

Angel Food Cake and Strawberry Kabobs with Chocolate Drizzle

And just so it’s not ALL sweet…
Strawberry Cucumber Salad @OhSweetBasil

I hope you get some local berries in your neck of the woods and if you do nothing more than eat them right out of the container, you'll have a taste of summer to be thankful for!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Links I Liked

Happy National Donut Day!  I hope you're heading into a great weekend!  Ours is supposed to be record-breaking HOT so I'm going to make a big pitcher of iced tea and will retreat to the basement, where it's always cool.  We still have lots of boxes and cupboards to go through down there in our effort to clean out the stuff so maybe we'll actually make some progress!  I really hope you're doing something more exciting than that.

5 Unexpected Things Happy People Have in Their Homes
You probably have most of this stuff already, so here's why you should love it. Just think, you could be happier by tonight!

Making An Inherited House Feel Like Home
Since we are living in the house I grew up in, this article could either be incredibly inspirational or terribly deflating.  I think we have our work cut out for us.

What Not to Ask Someone Suffering
People ask me all the time what to say and what to do for people who are grieving the death of someone they love. And I’m glad they ask. I’m glad they want to know what is really helpful and meaningful, and what is completely unhelpful and actually hurtful. And I wish I could tell you that I always know myself what to say. But sometimes words fail me.

Why You Should Spiralize All Your Hot Dogs This Summer
A great tip for summer bbq-ing… genius!

100 Years of Beauty: Aging
A team of makeup artists age an engaged couple from their late 20s to late 90s.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Dear Grammy,

I’m so glad you and Papa spent so much time with me a week or so ago. 

It was FUN!

I’m not sure why Mama and Daddy were gone but you did a very good job of distracting me.

I have lots of teeth so I will definitely use the toothbrushes…


And a girl can always use a packpack and new books.


But can I talk to you about something?

Why didn’t anyone explain what Mama and Daddy were doing while we were reading books and coloring and doing puzzles?

I mean, you’ve all been saying stuff about a new baby but I thought we were talking about the pictures in my board books.

Daddy showed me a baby who everybody was looking at and holding their phones up in front of and saying things like ‘She is so tiny!’ and ‘I think she’ll have blond hair’ and ‘She looks like Hadley!’

Then everyone asked me if I liked my new sister.  Is that anything like a new packpack?

It was all just a little too much.

Thankfully Mama shared her french fries with me so that was good.

I was a little surprised when they came home the next day with that ‘sister’ in the baby car seat I’ve been playing in.


I actually can still fit in it myself, you know.


Daddy let me hold Grace.  She wiggles a lot and makes weird noises.


The thing is, Grammy, I feel kinda like I’ve been de-throned.


So come on back any time and I promise we can read together and sing songs and Papa can take pictures of me. 



Remembering the 60s {a re-post}

I remember the 60's... things like working in the school library where I got to sit at the check-out desk and date-stamp those cards in the little pocket glued to the front page of the books.  Then I filed them in the card catalog.

card catalog

I was also a film monitor.  That meant I got to walk down the hall to the storage room (past the janitor’s closet where we cleaned erasers) and wheel a cart back to our room with a movie projector on it.  I would then feed the film through a very complicated series of slots, which made me feel extremely important (I would say ‘techy’ but not even Mr. Gates was considered techy yet), and we would watch a movie about safety starring Jiminy Cricket singing “I’m no fool.  No sirree!  I’m gonna live till I’m ninety-three!”  Then if our teacher was in a really good mood, we got to watch it backwards while we squealed with laughter and ate our lunches at our desks.

‘What is this?’ you might be thinking…

It’s a hair dryer, of course!  A portable hair dryer in its own round carrying case.  I would put that flowered cap on my head over my brush rollers, attach the hose and flip the switch!  I used to love how the cap filled with hot air and made me look like I was at the beauty parlor – in my mind. 

We had lots of great hair inspiration…


And FASHION!  I remember that all the cool girls in my fourth grade class were getting go-go boots.  These white, zip-up-the-back boots were worn by all the dancers on Hullabaloo and the screaming fans at the Beatles concerts.  (Somehow in my mind these were cuter than they look here but nope – this is exactly what they looked like.  See that little heel?  I thought that was especially neato.)


Me?  My mom took me to Nadeau’s where I had to buy corrective saddle shoes. This was a devastating blow to my fragile self because these were NOT cool.

(Sorry Mr. Photographer.  I know you tried really hard to make them look cool by propping them up on some books but it’s impossible to miss how embarrassing these were.)

I actually talked Sheryl Near into trading shoes with me for a day – can you believe that?  I’m sure I zipped up those boots and did ‘The Pony’ down the hall while she sat pitifully on the floor lacing up those saddles.  She must have either been the most merciful girl in the school to take pity on me or else the poor thing had no ability to say NO.

That night my little brother told my parents he saw me in the hall wearing GO GO BOOTS (rat fink) which ended my one day shot at being ‘with it’.  Oh Sheryl, if I saw you today I would give you a huge hug because just writing about your incredible act of generosity makes me want to bawl.

TV watching in the 60's was a big part of every evening at home.  Can you name these shows?

candid camera

I know that looking at these old pictures has made you wish you were a kid in the 60’s… but it wasn’t all Shindig and Hullabaloo. 

I was in grade school and junior high during that turbulent era and because I was so young, I missed the significance of all the changes happening.  Looking back, I can see all the signs of things to come.  Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll lifestyles were glamorized.  Culture was characterized by rebellion and if-it-feels-good-do-it.  Sound familiar??  And here we are today. 

But none of that can erase lots of good memories! 


Who Wants To Go Back To The 60's?  Apparently I do, what with all the blogging about it.  Sheesh!

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