Monday, February 27, 2012

In no particular order

I’m thankful for

…bright sun and blue sky – a reason to wash the car
…sleeping through the night
…international calling cards
…the older women in my life
…bleach diluted with water to kill moss
…my daughters who never cease to delight me and make me smile
…the online library search and reserve system
…good neighbors
…the young women I know
…blank books
…the Spirit alive in me – how amazing is that??
…pink lady apples

I’m looking forward to

…turning the page to a new month
…a heavenly body (you know – in heaven)
…seeing The Iron Lady (have you seen Hugo?  It was wonderful!)
…snow tomorrow? ½” maybe
…heaven (I didn’t used to but now I really am)
…understanding a few things that are now mysteries to me (see above)
...(are you detecting a theme developing here?)

Friday, February 24, 2012

My answer to writer’s block

Links primrose

Here’s a guy who’s found a way to enjoy his job.

And speaking of loving your job…
Sidewalk Billboards
(a re-post from Feb 2010 but I’m sure I saw this very same lady today)

How To Talk To Your Husband About P*rn
Such an important series.  Can’t tell you how many marriages I know who this has affected/destroyed.

Songs for Saplings
I had coffee this week with the young woman who makes these amazing cd’s created to help kids have Scripture and God’s truth in their hearts.  She’s donating cd’s to our orphanages in Ethiopia and to some of the families who are adopting through Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia.  I’m really blown away by how gifted people are using their talents in the kingdom.  And by how God links people together.  I met her at a super bowl party.

Tasty Kitchen
Have you discovered this awesome recipe site? 
The photos are the grabber.
Thanks again, PW!

Food Gawker
One of the most photo-rich recipe sites I’ve found.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Reelin’ in the years

This last weekend I had TWO mini-reunions – one for high school and one for college.  These were the best kind of reunions because we didn’t meet at a hotel ballroom or a restaurant banquet room.  We didn’t wear nametags with our graduation picture on them.  We didn’t recognize the prom queen and king or who was named “most likely to be in prison before they reached 25.”

Nope, these little get-togethers were at my house.  Because I’m living in the same house I grew up in, it was nostalgic in more ways than one because everybody remembered exactly how to get there and even had a memory or two from my kitchen table!  The only things missing were the bright orange light fixture hanging above the table and my mom’s chocolate chip cookies.  Sniff.

I had so much fun putting together a playlist of many of the songs we listened to on the radio in the 70’s – James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, Three Dog Night, Chicago, Loggins & Messina and Average White Band.  Now of course I can't get “B-b-b-baby you just ain’t seen nothin’ yet” and “Strummin my fate with his fingers” out of my head.  And as it turns out, we were talking so much we really couldn’t hear the music anyway!

So the morning was for high school – six friends, most who still live close-by, came for a potluck brunch. 

I love these women!  We laughed and shared and ate and talked about our kids and pointed at funny, yellowing snapshots, laughed and remembered and didn’t remember and laughed some more.  I have history with these ladies going back to elementary school in some cases – shared lockers, summer camps, sleepovers, school projects, weird teachers, Young Life, church youth group, adolescent angst and shoulders to cry on.  And we were all Beaverton High School Class of 1974! 

Our 40 year reunion is only two years away – don’t tell anyone.

When everyone finally, reluctantly gathered their photo albums and yearbooks and headed home, it was time to get ready for the next phase of my life…

I love these women!  You might recognize a couple of repeats in this photo. We laughed and shared and ate and talked about our kids and pointed at funny, yellowing snapshots, laughed and remembered and didn’t remember and laughed some more. I have history with these ladies too – typing class notes on a manual typewriter in a blue color-coordinated dorm room, late night talks in bean bag chairs, air-popped popcorn and donuts made in hot pots, Bring-A-Friend bible studies, creative dates, weekend camps, YL leadership, walking to the Pig for groceries and ice cream from the UC that never melted.  We all, with the exception of one, went to Pacific Lutheran University together in 1974-75 and many of us graduated from there together.

One of the things I prayed for and wanted most for these times together was that they would be encouraging – and I can honestly say that it was SO encouraging to hear about how faithful God has been in each person’s life. It was wonderful.  Thank you Julie, Cindy, Karen, Sharon, Mary, Nancy C, Liane, Karen and Nancy B!  Remember, all you have to do is call – you’ve got a friend!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello? Are you there?

Sometimes it’s easy to blog. Ideas pop into my head, three or four per day. They don’t all make it to the publish-worthy stage but there they are, full of hope and potential.
Other times… I wonder whoever told me I should have a blog anyway?  I have quite possibly THE most lame blog in cyberspace. Who do I think I am? Have A Cup With Me – really?
Guess which time I’m in.
Right now I feel a bit like those bulbs pictured up there – sheepishly poking my head out after a long time under ground. 
So to both of you reading this, I’ve been taking some time to address my insecurities, get some inspiration and figure out what, if anything, I should be serving up here at ‘Have A Cup’. 
If you want to leave a comment – just so I know you’re there – please do!  And thanks for sticking with me!
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