Thursday, March 11, 2010

Artwork on my digital refrigerator

(I'm laughing out loud at my own desperate attempt at titling this post!  Somebody help me.)

I've been cleaning out files on my HP desktop and this afternoon I stumbled on these images created on the computer by my middle daughter when she was in elementary school - maybe about 5th grade?  They made me smile then and they make me smile now! 

Self Portrait
Never without a piece of gum in her mouth. 

An "I wish..." vacation postcard.

Another "I wish..." (We lived in Palm Springs.)

Drawn by the girl who put baby powder on her eyelids when her mean mother wouldn't let her wear eye shadow. 
I'm not sure why all the cover-up... did she see me use that much?  More likely, she was concerned about her freckles. 

This could have been a camera snapshot in our backyard - trampoline, lemon tree and all! 
I'm telling her to switch her major in college right now!

And perhaps my favorite of all...
a girl after my own heart!

I love you Lisa!!
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