Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Monday!

Can you even believe how brilliant I am at coming up with those titles for my posts?? I know. But it does take me a whole week to come up with this kind of clever.

Had a great weekend! I drove up to Puyallup for a day at the office with my husband, who is going to Ethiopia in May. (Now there will only be one in our family who still needs to go!) On Saturday we had a great night of fellowship with many of the YWAM families who have adopted or are adopting children from Ethiopia at Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant in Seattle.

Lindsey and Lisa got to join us and see many of the kids they met when they were in Ethiopia. Notice that I am holding the basket of injera (the traditional Ethiopian flatbread). I am not a very adventurous eater so I do a lot of pretending in these situations.

Doro wat, shiro wat, tibs. All scooped up with a piece of the injera you've torn off. Did you notice the egg in the center? We ordered a pizza once in Ethiopia and there was an egg like this in the center. I'll have to research its significance.

Some of our families and their kids! Many wore the traditional Ethiopian dress they got while getting their children in Ethiopia.

The kids had so much fun! I think the little girl with the salt shaker was trying to eat the hard boiled egg but the little guy to her left got it first!

You can also click over to my other blog That We Might Be Adopted to see more pics and read a bit more about this great night.

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