Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All Is Well In Candyland

In today's paper was an article from the New York Times titled "When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls." Apparently, while Wall Street founders and homeowners are losing their houses, people are taking solace in red licorice scottie dogs and Necco Wafers. Candy sales are soaring! I guess candy companies are fairly recession-proof.

Now don't get me wrong - I love a good dark chocolate as much as the next woman. In fact, chocolate is a staple in good times and bad. But isn't it amazing that we turn to sweets to help us feel better? If only it were that easy.
What is it about food that has us convinced we'll feel better after eating it? I don't (at least consciously) think, "Now this will help take away any feelings of worry, fear or anger" as I pop a Sour Patch Kid in my mouth. Yet that's exactly what appears to be happening in our whole culture. Candy stores are struggling to keep up with demand. Candy inventory is being wiped out, right along side people's bank accounts.
It's really easy for me to read an article like this, point it out to my husband, chuckle a bit self-righteously and smugly be glad I'm a Christian and don't have to look to candy, for Pete's sake, for my solace. But honestly? I'm being tested daily about what I'm really finding my security in. Is it a bank account with a positive balance? A job with good benefits? Sale of our house? I certainly don't have to be overdosing on Whoppers to be seeking to find some satisfaction and comfort apart from trusting my covenant God.
Psalm 90:14 says "Satisfy us in the morning with Your unfailing love." Lord, help us to go to You first thing to find our needs met, our souls filled, our longings satisfied. Help us be REAL in this need we have for security. I know those are not just words - God, You're more than enough.

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