Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday Letters

Melissa, over at The Inspired Room, has invited all of us to join her in capturing special moments in our lives as part of living 'A Beautiful Life.'

I started something when each of my three girls had their first birthday - I've written them a letter on their birthday, highlighting a few of the year's most memorable events or accomplishments. I've also tried to put into words just how much I love them at that particular stage in their lives, what things about them I've most enjoyed, what I see God doing in them and the things I'm praying that God will do for them.

Yesterday, my youngest turned 18, which marked the end of the birthday letters. Sniff. I could cry just typing that.

These letters are all sealed in a box I've kept for each girl, to be given to them... I'm not sure when. But now I want to write to them directly, sharing in real time what I love about them and see God doing in their young adult lives. This marks a change in our relationship that's been coming for quite a while now. I have three young women who I'll always be 'Mom' to but I also have three beautiful friends who I treasure as such.

I don't know what their reactions will be when they read those birthday letters. They don't even know about them (until now). But I'm so glad that I've recorded for them my heart-felt thoughts and prayers. It's one thing I think I did right in what is surely a long list of parenting mistakes and failures. Thank You Lord for that!

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