Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Salon Phobia

Please tell me I'm not the only woman who's afraid of her hair stylist.

He's really a nice guy and quite good at what he does. But he is very passionate about hair - how often to wash it (never every day), how to trim bangs (twist them into a single bunch and snip with your scissors pointing upwards toward the ends of the hair) and which styling products to use (professional grade only). I've never told him I break all the rules.

I have to wash my hair every day or I end up looking like it is plastered to my head. I've trimmed my own bangs for years, snipping across my forehead at various angles I learned in junior high geometry. And I buy my shampoo at the grocery store when it's on sale if I have a double coupon. I'm sure he already knows all of this as he can probably tell by the damaged, hacked-up condition of my hair when I come in. I don't know why I feel like a 3rd grader who pushed someone off the merry-go-round at recess.

I have flat, heavy hair and one day I got the inspiration to purchase a pair of 'texturizing scissors' to give my hair some 'lift' on the top. (Yes, I bought them at the dollar store but they work!) But I haven't had the courage to use them since I've started going to this hair stylist. I know he'll immediately notice my handiwork and he might tell me I've ruined my hair or how can I possibly expect him to help me when I pull this kind of stunt?
The thing is, I can't go in for a cut right now as we're saving up for food and shelter. So... I may just DO IT ANYWAY and risk the scolding I'm sure to get the next time I go in.
How about you? Any people (aka. hair stylist) pleasers out there? I won't tell.

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Anonymous said...

I had my first full blown panic attack at the salon today. I have a very sensitive head, and told her this. Then with every yank and pull, I could feel myself being put though another round of torture. I was breathing faster, trying so hard not to cry and with all the women packed into this little hole in the wall salon my agony was prolonged while she worked on all of us at the same time. One washed, another one deep conditioning, I'm under the dryer with a crick in my neck.. and we go around and around. I went in for highlights and a cut. It took HOURS. I fought back the tears. Just get me out of here!! I did this for what? Greasy hair that looks bland and I honestly can't see the highlights. I cried all the way home and had trouble talking and breathing. Shaking like a leaf. Just wanting to hide. It has always been hard for me to go to the salon, but this was worse. Not sure why. She was pleasent. Everyone was happy. I would rather be waxed in places I would rather not talk about than to have my hair done by anyone.

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