Friday, September 11, 2009

Make $$$ Working at Home!!!

Okay, so the title of this post might attract all the wrong kinds of attention here but I was trying to be clever and original.

A little while ago on this blog I recorded some of my thoughts about temp work. (As I recall, I also came up with a clever and original title for that post! Hey, this is not as easy as it looks!)

Along with my occasional temp jobs, I also work from home. I work for an international adoption agency - Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia (shameless plug). I help families through the adoption process, maintain the website and another blog (shameless plug #2). So while temping in an office environment presents all of the unique opportunities I so cleverly wrote about, working at home provides its own set of challenges for me - the biggest one being my home-office attire.

Here's the deal: If I don't have a real, live go-to-an-office job in the morning, I tend to sit down at the computer in my jammies and the next thing I know, it's eleven o'clock and I look like I just got up. It makes me feel awful. I may have completed a TON of work but my hair is unwashed and I have coffee breath.

When my girls were little, I remember going through something similar. It we weren't hustling out the door before noon, I'd find myself cleaning, playing, doing laundry or cooking - still in my pajamas. And I was embarrassed more than once when the doorbell rang and a friend stopped by or a package was being delivered. You've never seen anyone get dressed so fast! It motivated me to begin showering and dressing before the girls got up.

So that is once again my goal. I'm going to pretend that I have people to see and places to go. I'm serious - make-up, earrings, something on my feet - the works!! I'll think of some punishment for myself if I'm not clothed and in my right mind by 8:00 am. Maybe I'd have to describe the bathrobe I'm wearing to someone on the phone.

Please ask me in a few weeks how this new resolution is going because I really do want to change. Can you meet me in the break room for a cup of coffee at 9:30?


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Do you ever read FlyLady? She has that "get dressed to your shoes" rule, which totally works. Something about makeup makes you just FEEL better. And smarter.

But then there is a whole lot to be said for working in your PJs too.

BeckyB said...

I will check out FlyLady's blog! I need help!

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