Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The other vitamin C

Happy International Coffee Day!

Did you know you can get a free cup today at Dunkin’ Donuts, Peet’s, Krispy Kreme (+ free glazed donut!) and a few others that I’m not familiar with (Wawa and Sheetz Bros. aren’t in the NW where I live).

My love of coffee began when I was in high school.  I took one of those tiny school buses to a student aide position at an elementary school several days a week and the bus driver was a coffee drinker. The wonderful smell of her coffee filled that little bus and made me wish I liked it.  She told me she drank only 'good' coffee (I can't imagine what that was back in a time when MJB and Folgers were pretty much the norm).

I wanted to be just like her, holding a hot mug of coffee with long painted fingernails.  Well, not just like her... I didn't want to imitate her excessive make-up or jewelry but those were requirements for every female who drove a bus, right?  That and a loud-voiced, take-charge personality.

I started out like most people do, I'd guess... with lots of milk and sugar.  Somewhere along the way I cut out the sugar and have had my coffee au lait ever since.  Then Starbucks came along, capitalized on our obsession with caffeine and coffee became the expected ingredient in our meetings, business appointments, social gatherings and get-to-know-yous.  Now we have an International Coffee Day.  Who knew?

Make a coffee date with someone you haven’t seen in a while.  Maybe they need your listening ear or encouraging words.  Or just a good laugh together over a cuppa Joe. 

A joyful heart is good medicine… and coffee is a wonderful way to enjoy it!

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