Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I know.

It’s inching close to two months since I’ve written anything on here.  And while I’ve been tempted to just insert about 327 links to other people’s blog posts that I know you would love, I decided to explain what I’m going through.  Get yourself a Kleenex, okay?

Listen, I am suffering from SMPD – social media phobia disorder.  This is a condition where you start questioning why you would EVER post anything online.  It’s obvious that other folks are clever and funny and creative but you are not so what do you even think you are doing with a blog?  Or a Facebook page?  You worry about not ‘liking’ or commenting on all of your friends’ posts because you can’t possibly spend the time necessary to respond on everyone’s page so you decide not to click ‘like’ on anyone’s page.  You resort to being a stalker.  Until, in a weak moment, you ‘like’ someone's photo.  Because you are so self-focused you're sure that all the folks whose pics you haven’t ‘liked’ feel slighted.

I haven’t met anyone else with SMPD but if there’s a group I would feel so much relief.  If I’m going to live in 2015 I’ve got to get a grip.  You think I am joking but this is real, people.

Thus, I have been absent from the blog.  I really thought of calling it quits.  But the thing is, I really do enjoy it.  So, for now anyway, I am hanging in there with Have A Cup and we’ll see what happens.

We had all three of our girls home this summer, though not all at the same time unfortunately. 

We celebrated Miss Hadley’s birthday…


and got some baby time too!


We’ve weathered the hottest summer in Oregon ever.  I think the only thing that equipped me to handle it were my years in Palm Springs.  The lawn is dry as dust but the flowers are thriving and the tomatoes are sweet!

And now, it is officially pumpkin candle/soup/football/sweater season, even though the thermometer says otherwise.  If you’re looking for a wonderfully scented pumpkin candle that doesn’t cost $12, look no further than your local Walsmart.  That 'easy peel' label means it can almost look like a premium brand!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today.  If you too suffer from SMPD, let me know and I’ll meet you for a cup of coffee.  We need to stick together.


Desiree Ball said...

I think I suffer from it to some degree too! So when are we meeting for coffee?? ;) Your girls and grand girls are beautiful!

BeckyB said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have coffee Des?? I'd love it!

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