Friday, September 16, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

*Warning - long post - lots of pictures.  It may take hours for the page to load! Get your coffee now!

Hi my faithful friends - thanks for checking back here.  You are really nice to even click on "Have A Cup" after so little activity lately. 

Can you guess where I've been?

Do you have a guess?  I'll give you some better clues...

For our 25th anniversary (which was two years ago), we went on a cruise to Alaska! 

I am telling you this with a great deal of hesitation because everyone knows my husband is unemployed and I'm sure is wondering what in the world we think we're doing.  Well, we are spoiled - that's all there is to it.  We'd saved up for several years for this trip and then when our 25th rolled around, we couldn't justify going.  But we finally decided to go now while we can.  I am working on getting over my people-pleasing tendancies and now I'm even sharing our pictures with everyone on the internet.  Yes, everyone.  Can you believe it?  Because clearly everyone on the internet reads this blog.

Anyway, we left Seattle on a typically beautiful sunny summer afternoon.

This was our ship:

It had lots of decks to walk around and watch the scenery from.  No cell phone.  No computer.  (Well, you could use a computer but we chose not to.)  Or you could do what this man did and go swimming between rain storms:

There was a very cool viewing area/lounge with comfy chairs on the top deck:

We visited several ports of call, including Sitka:

Amazing to watch Alaska Airlines jets land here.

Our cabin was great, with a little veranda which we enjoyed a bunch:

Here I am, enjoying the veranda:

You'll notice I'm not wearing a bikini and flip flops.  That's only because our weather wasn't exactly tropical.  In fact, the forecast called for rain every single day of the cruise, even though the temps at home were going to be in the 90's all week.  So I just readjusted my expectations and looked forward to lots of time to read and look out the window.  Oh - and eat.

The day we left was gorgeous but on our Day 2 itinerary (delivered to our room on the evening prior) the rain began.  Now you know why I had time to take pictures of our itinerary.

The view from our veranda - fog and rain:

Visits into the town of Ketchican were drenching jogs from one covered area to the next:

But there were also some spectacular photo ops because of the rain:

We did hit some rough seas.  I have no pictures to document it but picture yourself lying in bed and feeling like you are in a bassinet with springs.  Or walking down your hall bouncing off one wall to the other.  I only 'lost it' once.  Once is enough.

And that leads us directly into the next topic - the food.  So. Much. Food. 

Fancy dining with linen and silver: 

Poolside dining from the buffet (see - it really didn't rain every day!):

And my personal favorite - room service at no extra cost:

Coffee delivered in the morning is such a treat!

Jeff likes to take very funky, artistic photos.

See what I mean?

But he also takes some beauties:

Here we are, the honeymooners, looking like we are surrounded by ice and cold.  For some odd reason, I look like I'm wearing a wig.

One of the spots we found to read and watch, with
comfy chairs and a great view. 

Alaska really is a beautiful place.

Our last stop was Victoria, BC at sunset:

And then back 'home' to Seattle:

I am rested and very thankful for this time away with my man. 

Hope to be talking with you again soon!

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Nancy Espinoza said...

I am so happy you were able to enjoy this creation journey. We loved seeing the enormous grandeur of God's Alaska! Sorry you had more drips than rays...but it looks like it was relaxing. Nancy B.

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