Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coffee Art à la Van Gogh

While I love the spring-y close-ups in my blog header above, they aren’t really about coffee or about having a cup of anything are they?   I’ve been in a months-long quest to find inspiration for a blog header. 

A close-up of two really cool coffee cups? 

A silhouette of two people at a café table in France?  

A picture of me begging strangers to join me at St*rbucks?

So yesterday I met a friend for coffee (it’s my spiritual gift) at a place I’d never been and my mocha was served in a real coffee cup – not paper – with a gorgeous design in the foam. 

There are actually contests for this skill and my drink would totally be in the running for a ribbon.  Here's a peek into some more beautiful coffee art.

I told the barista that he was an artist and that I wanted to take a picture for my blog.  I carefully carried the cup over to a table by the window and set up the shot.


Just look at that detail! Wouldn’t it have made a cool banner if it weren’t a bit blurry?  Because I only had my phone, I didn’t get a picture that I can use for the header.  My camera phone doesn’t take high-def pictures.

I feel quite sure the barista was feeling very proud that a famous blogger was taking professional snapshots of his artistry.


And then I dropped my phone into the cup.


Oh yes I did.


Nancy Espinoza said...

Are you kidding?? I don't know if I can schedule a coffee date with someone who drops their phone into coffee cups! Oh, Oh! Hope this is just a joke, but if it's true....did you rescue it? Nancy E.

BeckyB said...

Please?? I won't do it again.
I rescued it but the buttons on my phone are a little sticky and the charge slot might be clogged. Time for a new phone, I think.

Marni G said...

Oh Becky! I just love you! I would LOVE the share a cup of coffee with you, even if you're phone was in it :)

BeckyB said...

I'll meet you at Starbucks on Ramon at 9:00 tomorrow. (I wish!)

Renee said...

OMG! I am seriously laughing out loud!! you crack me up :)
and yes I do think this is one of your spiritual gifts! (having coffee with friends i mean, not dropping your phone into your coffee!)

BeckyB said...

Miss you Renee!

Des said...

Looking for the like button! Time for a new phone with great photo abilities :) I love you Becky!

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