Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mexican UFOs, U-Pick Berries and ½’s


So what are you up to this Father’s Day weekend?
Can you guess what I am doing?

What?  Don’t you cool your angel food cakes upside down on taco sauce bottles?

These are from our very own garden!  I can’t take any credit for them but they sure make me happy.  They are SO sweet and they’ll taste SO good on that angel food cake!

A friend of Jeff’s has a landscaping business and he had a couple ½ flats of ½ dead impatiens that he was going to throw away.  Guess who planted them under one of our trees last night?  Not only is he a great dad but he is trustworthy, loving and serves others (including and maybe especially me) all the time.

With a little Miracle Gro, these will transform into a blanket of pink!  If the slugs don’t win.

It’s unexpectedly warm here in Oregon today – the forecast was 79°.  While most of you thrive in these temps, I tend to wilt.  But I’m not complaining (out loud).


Happy Father’s Day!

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