Thursday, August 1, 2013


Just after I got done telling you about my husband’s incredible bargain-finding skilz, I snagged a bargain of my own!

One of my ‘likes’ on Facebook is Frugal Living NW.  She regularly posts deals and last week she posted “Check out what’s been dubbed the best melamine bowl set ever… Williams-Sonoma + $9.99 = not even joking.”

So I clicked over to the WS site and sure enough, a four bowl set was only $9.99 with free shipping.  I like to get Christmas and birthday gifts to stash away so I ordered.  Early this week, a box from WS arrived on my porch.


Cool, right?


Well, the box they came in looked kind of small to me.  I opened it and lifted the bowls out:



I think they are American Girl bowls! 

I went back and read the description on the WS site (which I may have failed to do initially in my excitement to get a DEAL):

Melamine Prep Bowl Set…
Set of four includes one of each size,
from 1-cup to 5-cup
The mini prep bowls can be used to stage premeasured ingredients

My bad for being impulsive (something I like to think I’m not) and not reading the details.

This was not a mixing bowl set.  This set is for when you are doing a cooking show and you have pre-chopped the chives, scallions and tomatoes that you will use in your homemade bruschetta that you are showing your audience how to prepare! 

So if you happen to pre-measure your ingredients into mini prep bowls when you’re cooking, have I got a deal for you!


Karyn Schmidt said...

Becky, I was SO close to ordering those! I thought they were the bigger size as well! Sorry for the disappointment. You're description made me laugh really hard if that makes it any better :)

BeckyB said...

Karyn, I'm glad you didn't order!

: )

Nancy Espinoza said...

Oh, so sorry. I would have ordered after the first photo...actually was kind of sad I missed out on the "deal". Until...I read the rest of your post! Nanc

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