Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Off the bottom

I am completely scraping the bottom for blog ideas.  I think my problem is that writing a good post would mean actually concentrating and being thoughtful but right now I am feeling much too scatterbrained and thought-less.  So you get scraps and miscellany.  I’m sorry.
No, you didn’t forget your reading glasses.  This is an example of my photography skilz.  You’re welcome.

Then there is this.  I keep walking past it and it mocks me.

We have slowly but surely been replacing the old, dusty drapes in our house with new window coverings.  News flash:  window coverings are not cheap!  So while I wanted to use a 'Duette'-type shade for this slider, I went with these Ikea panels.  And I like them!  But, as you can see, they need to be hemmed.  News flash:  I do not sew. 

When I was in Home-Ec (**you may need to Google that if you’re not a Baby Boomer or older), we had to make culottes (**ditto) for the sewing portion.  I agonized over that project and after finally turning it in, my teacher gave it back to me saying I had forgotten to put in the zipper.  What?!  I’d spent hours on the dumb zipper!  But I turned that waist around and around and it appeared she was right – no zipper.  Completely baffled, I think I threw it down and that’s when I saw the zipper… inserted upside down from the hem and up the side of the right leg. 

So I am hoping the curtain fairy comes one night and those panels are magically hemmed!  But I’ll probably resort to this:


Ikea knows that people don’t sew any more so they display this iron-on hemming tape right next to their drapery panels!  I just have to make myself cut about 18” off the bottom of the panels then iron a hem in.  I’m still hoping for the curtain fairy.

We had a good and busy weekend with our nieces.  There was baking and art work and Anne of Green Gables and yes, even Legos – which was the first thing they asked to do!


The girls were thrilled to see the pumpkin vine taking over the back yard.  They tried to count the pumpkin starts but gave up after about 60.


I am really concerned about how we’ll get rid of all those pumpkins.  I thought I bought a packet of seeds that grew into those small, ornamental gourd-type pumpkins.  Apparently not.


Now I’m considering a corn maze, pumpkin slingshots and a petting zoo (for an additional charge).  Come by and help us get rid of the pumpkins enjoy a great fall family activity!

Again, I’m sorry for the complete lack of creativity on the blog lately.  And the blurry photos.  I’m a first-time grandma who is living far away from her grandbaby.  You’ll just have to put up with it, I guess!!

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