Saturday, June 21, 2014

I worry about myself

This week is one that goes down in the record books for me… 

I have to set this up by telling you that early in the week I was meeting someone for lunch at 11:30 but after waiting in the restaurant for about 30 minutes, I decided she was a no-show and headed off to do some errands.  I got a text with lots of apologies and asking if we could try again at 1:00.  I was anxious to spend some time with this girl so I headed back to the restaurant at 1:00.  Waited 30 minutes.  Nobody came.   I was mildly annoyed but tried to think of all the reasons why she probably didn’t come and thought of this as an opportunity to give some graceI think God knows me.

Just yesterday I was meeting another girl for lunch at 11:30.  I went to the restaurant and grabbed a table in a good spot before things filled up.  I nibbled on my salad and watched the clock, checking my phone for a text.  At noon, wondering what is happening to this generation of young women who can’t follow through on a commitment?? I texted my lunch partner and in a sweetly worded message asked if she had forgotten our lunch.  She texted right back saying ‘OH MY GOSH isn’t it next Thursday??’ 

Oh.  Next Thursday.  Yes, of course it was next Thursday.  I had the wrong date.  Gulp.

Guess who needs some grace?

The next day, when leaving my dad’s assisted living place, I couldn’t find my car keys.  Anywhere.  I peered through the windows to see if they were in the ignition or perhaps on the console and then pawed through my purse repeatedly but no keys.  As I was standing by my car thinking about how to get a ride home, one of the staff of ‘the institution’ (the name my dad uses to fondly refer to his home) came out with my keys and my grocery list which he found on the floor of the entryway.  I’m just sure I reminded him of one of the ‘inmates’.  

Then, to top it off, I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and was told my appointment is in August.

What is happening to me?  Either my hormones are completely out of whack or I am an idiot.

Listen, I have good reason to worry.  When Jeff was in Ethiopia last month, their van was stopped in a small village and a M*sl*m elder came to the open door, along with a small crowd of young men.  He saw my handsome husband and told him that he would like to give him one of his daughters in marriage. 


Thankfully for me (and for my husband by the way), Jeff said he was already married.  The crowd thought this was funny.


But the elder said that would be no problem – Jeff could have several wives! 

I don’t want to be the one who doesn’t know what day it is.

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