Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What’s up?

A bullet list, that’s what!

  • October in Oregon is magnificent!  Take-your-breath-away magnificent.  Taking a walk brings lots of scripture to mind… “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes--His eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, because they are understood through what has been made.”  Romans 1:20  Don’t you love that God even helps us know Him better on a walk?

  • But all is not beautiful in the NW… We have millions of these creatures filling the air outside.  The ash whitefly (I googled it).  So I think these help remind of the mysterious parts of God’s plan that I’d like to ask Him about when we have a chat in heaven.  Why??

  • My daughter texted me this pic from the grocery store.  Hadley is such a good mommy – unashamed, really.  The caption could read, “If they start crying in the store, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

  • I completely let my imagination run away with itself tonight… the neighbor’s dog was barking outside for hours (not typical) and I hadn’t seen any activity over there for a couple of days.  After calling and texting and ringing the doorbell, I decided there had been a terrible tragedy (pictured it in detail, actually) so I went to our other neighbor’s and asked him if he had seen anyone around in the last few days.  He hadn’t but had noticed the dog barking all day.  So since Jeff wasn’t home I asked him if he would come with me to go in the house (I have a key).  He was nervous about going in someone’s house uninvited but I assured him that I often took their mail in and fed the dog.  We rang the bell.  Nothing.  With a shaky hand, I unlocked the door, ready to face a pile of dead bodies.  “Hello?”  And that’s when the son came around the corner with a startled look on his face.  Ooops.  I apologized profusely for coming into his house uninvited but explained my completely rational reasons.  A few minutes later his mom called me saying she’d been in a meeting all day and was just now getting my texts and voicemails.  The moral of this story:  follow your gut and be better safe than sorry.  My neighbor agrees, thankfully!

  • I’m going to get caught up on Downton Abbey – I completely missed season 5.  When last I watched, Mrs. Hughes and Carson were wading in the ocean holding hands…
  • My hair is driving me crazy.  Flat.  Falling forward. 

Maybe I need a whole new look?

No, too much work.

Definitely time to get off this rabbit trail of bullet points and ridiculousness.  Happy October!

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Desiree Ball said...

Oh I love these types of posts! And Hadley is too adorable! :)

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