Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Links I liked

Happy November and the start of the holiday season! 

So Mod
I actually remember ads like this when I was a kid.  You have to read the wording in each… Love em!

The World If There Were Only 100 People
A great way to wrap you mind around statistics about this little marble we live on!

How Quiet Marriages May Be the Most Exciting Marriages of All
You’ve probably already realized that there was a purpose for your marriage that went beyond happiness. You might not have chosen the word “holiness” to express it, but you understood there was a transcendent truth beyond the superficial romance depicted in popular culture. Far from assaulting our happiness, pursuing the biblical holiness of a quiet and godly life in marriage enhances it by giving us a new appreciation for the person with whom we walk this journey.

Pain: A Secret Garden of Pride
I’ve been thinking a lot about this…
Satan uses pleasure and pain to try and destroy our faith. He wields pleasure to make us doubt God’s satisfying greatness, and pain to make us doubt God’s sovereign goodness. Pain can be a powerful weapon for good in the heart of faith. It can produce deeper, heartfelt humility and greater dependence on God. And pain can inflict wounds far worse and more lasting than any physical agony. At its worst, it can cause us to doubt God’s goodness, to wallow in self-pity, and to isolate ourselves from him, as well as from others.

The Five Friends We All Need
I loved this one.
Social media will tell that the more friends you have, the better you are.  But that’s not true at all. Friendship is about depth, not width. We don't need 2000 friends... most of us need five. 

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