Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - Lids

This is certainly not anything ingenious or even all that clever - but for me, it's been the answer to a frustration I've had for years: what to do with all those plastic lids that match all my Tupperware, Pyrex, etc... I've tried to keep them with their partners in the cupboard but somehow I end up digging through the stacks that get shoved into the deep, dark back of the shelf and can find the bowl but no lid. Who took it? I don't think anyone in my family gets up in the night to hide my lids but I can't be sure of that.

So... I put a 'lid organizer' (which I believe was intended for cooking pot lids) into a deep kitchen drawer and simply 'filed' my plastic lids there! Of course before that ever happened, I had a little bowl-to-lid matching session and got rid of all the extras that somehow lost their mates. Sigh. Plus I do keep the really big lids with their matching containers as they don't fit in a drawer.

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Amy said...

Great idea! I love it when the best solutions are the easy ones. I have tried to store my containers with their lids on, even though it took more space, just to eliminate this frustration. But, right now, I once again have a drawer full of mismatched containers. I might have to pick up one of these lid organizers next time I'm out-- thanks for sharing!

My WFMW post today is just a common-sense tip about using those free reusable shopping bags. You can check it out HERE if you'd like!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Hmmmm...never occured to me that lids would fit just as nicely in those dividers. You're onto something good there.


Jenny said...

great post :)

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