Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Here are a few of the thoughts rolling around in my head lately...

  • Sometimes all it takes to get motivated is to START.

  • Triple A pays for itself.

  • You never, ever stop being a mother.  Ever.

  • While I can easily get depressed thinking about the state of our culture, so many people inspire me. 

  • Growing old is not easy.  For anyone.

  • The Promised Land is not a place. It's a relationship God wants to have with me - 100% yielded.  

  • Getting there involves coming to some places where I have to give up in order to go on.

  • It's worth every surrender.

  • Fred Meyer garden center: geranium starts @ 60¢ each!  I bought 'a few.'  Tiny now but will fill a garden spot or bunch of pots!

  • Did you know that to type the symbol for 'cents' on a PC you hit 'Num Lock' 'Alt' and '0162?'  How weird is that?

  • I really dislike worrying.  It makes me feel awful.  Why do I do it?

  • I got a hand-written card in the mail yesterday and I LOVED it!  (Thanks Lori!)  It just feels different than typed words - way better, I think because I picture the person taking the time to share with me.  Vow to write more using a pen and paper.

  • Sometimes I realize I've been driving for miles and can't remember seeing anything around me.  Beware of a woman in a purple van - just FYI. 

  • Giving something to someone who needs it beats getting something any day.  I've been the receiver more often than the giver but I'm learning!

  • There's always more to do. 

  • The fear of human opinion disables - trusting in God protects you from that. 
    Prov. 29:25  The Message

  • I love blog comments! 

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