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Bloggers blog about all kinds of things...  current events, causes, politics, religion, cooking, photography, child-rearing, you-name-it.

More than occasionally, I love to waste time further my education by reading the latest post of a few of my favorite bloggers.  Frequently I find a new blog by checking out the favorites blogs of one of my favorite blogs.  (Hope that makes sense.)  This can become an extremely time-consuming rabbit trail educational and fruitful way to spend my evening.

Lately I've found several bloggers who share great deals, freebies and internet specials.  Here are a few:

A week or so ago someone (I can't be expected to remember who because I have so many blogs to keep straight) told about a free paint sample giveaway offered by Valspar paint that I think is still available while supplies last.  I went to the Valspar website where you can pick any color and request a free 7.7 oz. sample.  

Now my sweet friend Shawna (Hi Shawna!) has used a paint color that I love.  If you've ever been in Shawna's house, you know how beautiful she makes everything and I shamelessly copy her knowing that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  I knew she said she got that color at Lowe's so I thought it could be a Valspar color.  It's called "Golden Ecru" and it's a beautiful, warm shade.  But when I checked, either Valspar never made that color or they don't have it now.  So I spent a lot of time (I won't say how much) looking at every shade of gold from their palette and finally settled on one I thought must be pretty close.

You know how you can look at a paint swatch and think it's the perfect shade but when you get it on the wall, it is NOT what you wanted at all?  We painted our bedroom once in what I thought was a taupe-y mocha color and our room was decidedly purple.  This is precisely why it's not a bad thing to copy other people. 

So yesterday, a box came in the mail (less than a week after I sent in my request) and this is what was inside:

Pretty cool, right?  The paint plus a little roller and tray and a coupon for $5 off a gallon of paint!

Excitedly, I opened the paint, envisioning my bedroom with its new warm and soothing glow. 


What would you call this?  Pea green?  Chartreuse?  Puce?  Puke?

Whatever it is, it's not Golden Ecru.  I guess the name "Garden Path" should have shouted GREEN to me but it didn't.

My husband, who is very good at analyzing things, said it's probably a matter of the color settings on my computer monitor.  That was one thing that never crossed my mind. 

The upside of this fascinating little story?  I have the perfect place in our house to use this shade of green!  And when I share it here, I know I run the risk of starting a new decorating trend but I'm willing to share.  Here is one wall of the bathroom in our basement...

Copy me if you must but good luck finding this wallpaper - it is classic 1972.  It's in mint condition too.  I just haven't been able to muster the courage to tackle stripping it.  We are s-l-o-w-l-y making some changes/updates/improvements to this house of my childhood but if it's in the basement I can ignore it for the most part. 

So if you come over to our house one night for dinner, after you finish your granola you can slip downstairs and wash your hands in the puce bathroom with the foil wallpaper.   Come to think of it, there actually used to be a macrame plant hanger in there!  

Now I'm starting over on the paint search for our bedroom.  Shawna, do you want to come up and help me??  Because clearly, I need help!

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