Thursday, March 19, 2015

Any old bush will do

"This is the message of the bible, that God has chosen the weak and the base, the nothing and the things that are not to confound the things that are.  All God demands of a man is his availability - to be what man was created to be, the human vehicle of the divine life, inhabited by God for God... What you are is totally irrelevant - nationality-wise, money-wise, education-wise, personality-wise, and any other wise.  If only you will recognize the principle that it is God that works in you...  It is not the bush that sustains the flame, it is God in the the bush.  And any old bush will do."

                                        The Saving Life of Christ - Major W. Ian Thomas

~Reposted from May 2011

1 comment:

Lynn Stromwall said...

I love this...any old bush will do. I was just pruning my rose bushes this AM to encourage new
growth. Same principle when we are living in the bush.

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