Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Links I liked

Where’s the ‘Dreariest’ Place in America?
I live in #3 on the list.  But 'dreary' is a little harsh.

Why We Can Trust Him
Yes, we want to trust the Lord, but why can we?

376 Days of Captivity in the Philippine Jungle
I remember when this was happening but Gracia Burnham's telling of her story
is heart-wrenching.  And so good.

Feeling Scrappy
Sophie shares about a trip to HobLob.  I love her.

 What Will You Leave Behind?
I don't really remember their stuff. I'm not sure if their home could have been featured in any kind of home magazine. This is what I remember…

Amazing makeovers...

We have 70°+ weather in the forecast for tomorrow (take that, you Dreariest list people!) but this little weather spoof could also be happening here in March.  You never know.

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