Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Learned from my mom...

Coming up on my fifth Mother's Day without my mom, I am thinking about her often.  Wishing I could talk to her and tell her so many things.  Sigh.  It's another reminder to me to appreciate those we love while we have them near. 

I always loved my mom's hands.

There are many things I learned from my mom - mostly by example rather than words.  I've spent the last few days trying to make a list (in no particular order of importance) of some of these bits of her legacy to me.

* Always remember to lift the water tank lid on your coffee pot to let it dry out - it's a warm, damp potential-for-mold kind of spot.
* Friendships are made to treasure.  "Have a cup with me" is more than just a blog title - it's a recipe for friendship!

*An organized drawer makes you happy.

*Several prunes each day can also make you happy.  Keep them handy.

*Family first.

*Carry a band-aid, Shout wipe and gum with you at all times

*If you shake out your clothes when you take them out of the washing machine before you put them in the dryer, you'll have way less wrinkles.

*Serve quietly, behind the scenes where you're not likely to be acknowledged.

*If you have too many zucchini in your garden and you don't know how to get rid of them, fill a wheelbarrow, put on a pair of overalls and go door to door to the neighbors begging them to take a few.  Even though it's guaranteed to completely embarrass your children.

*Don't be afraid to try to learn something new, no matter your age. Mom bought and learned to play the banjo when I was in junior high.  Of course at the time, I was mortified that my mother was a hillbilly.  But now I think it's hysterical.  I'm trying to decide which instrument I should take up... fiddle?

*Hand-written letters in the mail - even if you only talk about the weather - are a wonderful way to stay in touch across the miles.

*Homemade is the best.  Especially when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.

*Do it now.  You'll be glad you didn't procrastinate.

*Pray.  About everything.

*Find the funny in as many situations as you can.

*Say 'I love you.'  Touch a face.  Squeeze a hand. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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