Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sunshine?  'So what?' you might think.  But here in the Northwest we haven't seen a lot of it yet this year.  So we're really enjoying wearing sunglasses instead of raincoats and sipping iced latte's on the back patio.  So much of the nation has been hit hard with destructive weather - I pray for those affected (some devastated) by the tornadoes and flooding.

Aren't those sunflowers beautiful?  They were a Mother's Day surprise for me today from my oldest daughter.  Thank you Peanut!  I also got some wonderful cards that each made me feel so blessed to have the girls I do!  I sure missed having them home on Sunday. 

So instead of a big family meal, we had dinner here for Jeff's mom.  Jeff had been fishing with his good friend Dave, who caught this little minnow and shared it with us...

We enjoyed salmon, pasta salad, focaccia bread and these lemon tarts for dessert.

I remember my grandmother's lemon tarts - with homemade lemon curd, of course.  These were made with Tr*der Joe's lemon curd and the tart cups were made with store-bought sugar cookie dough.  So easy and so good!  It almost looks like an English tea dessert, doesn't it?  I think Pillsb*ry and Tr*der Joe came across on the Mayflower.

It feels like Spring is finally here.  Geraniums are in, nasturtiums are coming up, peas are leafing... tomatoes may be going in soon.  I still have to find something to wear to an important wedding in July and just a few things to do between now and then.  

But everything seems a bit rosier when the sun is shining, right?

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